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Related article: Date : Tue, 8 March 23 2011 17th 18 0000 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 70 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** As always, comments and suggestions are welcome : =) ********************* ******** ********************* ********************* ******** ******************** Chapter 70 - Roundhead or Cavalier in ignorance of what is planned in his honor, Martin was one of the quiet boys bathrooms to make up for it, which in turn will prepare School. Put some liquid soap dispenser flights from a piece of toilet paper, medical approval also blockedLocated in the s the cleanest cabins. Take into account most of the day, the magnificent erection had hidden in his pants regularly leave pre-ejaculate in her underwear, which n turn, increased through gray pants giving in a dark stain on the fly. Rather shocked to see how notable, but could do nothing about it, broke the closure of the zipper allows pants fall to their knees. This in turn allowed the pressure on his tail, which immediately formed a tent in the seminal fluid hitting the Y- fronts. Reluctant to pull the waist came to on his cock and balls and with some difficulty Do not touch the head, looking out of his foreskin was crying and precum. But it was not damp underwear or pants that one time in your mind. Despite all their carnal desires and fantasies he had worried at the idea that art thrust of childhood n to him, only to be followed by the largest members Nigel. Since it is bum desperately needed relax before the real fun began because he had thought to bring School, which he thought would be the ideal toy to relax. Slip hand in the pocket of his jacket pulled out a smooth, cylindrical piece of wood two inches long and Elweb Lolita nearly an inch in diameter. A small hole drilled all the way through which to mount a small piece of string to. Had originally set part of his childhood bowling Martin sent will fit your own toy anal! Although he never used by more than a few minutes at a time, I was sure that if I could keep there over the last hour, until their scale sphincter would be more than willing to a major invasion ! loaded with a sack and a jacket, there was a little constricted in the small hut, but he managed to duck for massage viscous liquid soap all over your ass. If that was exciting in itself, pushed index finger to the ankle to the lubricationpassing you before the n inserts the toy caused almost ready to ejaculate. after remaining n motionless for a few seconds, he continued, generous layer of the wooden cylinder with soap quickly and soon slip beyond her sphincter in the passage beyond tibia. Although once again had to wait mounting feeling of ejaculation to decline, even before entering the area of his underwear and pants back up. Now I was really excited. Fresh stains of precum continuously formed with the excess soapy water mixed goo between his legs began to drop the chain into a kind of reverse capillary action ! With the inside of your letter and very wet no doubt that the end would be a very, very dirty in their n in the afternoon. When the bell went off, the lesson of the toilet and ran, but awkwardly through the crowd of children in the hallway in the direction of history the classroom. During the short ride that kept his head in despair hopes his babaAssembly and wet pants tucked behind the bag were nowhere as visible as they felt. Alarmingly, it was not long before the wooden toys began to make their presence felt and press firmly in prostate. Slow down when he entered the classroom, for fear that in the corridor is going to ejaculate every step was a test of wills of power, and was beginning to regret background always had the idea. " Oi, Mart here, I'm sitting here today. " " WOT? " Martin looked around with a smile and art sits in the back row \\ \\ n at the desk usually occupied with Richard. " Oh, no!" He said quietly, knowing that sat next to Art all but guarantees you cum in your pants, long before the lesson was more. Gradually gave way to the reception to receive the art smiling face and a terrible feeling was that kind of mental undress at that time. Inevitably, Mr. Woods, a history teacher was late, so it made ​​the room quite noisy and chaotic, with manyStudents around. Nigel, who had threw his bag floating on the floor while sitting next to Richard in the next row. " We exchanged only for today. " He said and looked up and winked at Martin when he saw the bag over him. " It Elweb Lolita seems they are looking for are " N To know very well that the amount of pre-cum in her underwear was now stick makes the stomach, flushing Martin and saw the table \\ \\ n He sat next to art very carefully before going down the pocket to the ground. " Do you have one then? This is a trick of light or yer pants is a little wet ? " Said Art smiled and opened his own bulge in the bottom the table. "I think every day about you and your ass , I hope, can not be expected until later, but here and yer d ' you know, I could cum n in my pants! " \\ \\ n " Ditto ! " Martin stammered. Not quite ready for video description of the nature of desire to use it as a sexual object, which went from blushing of maturity with a red face. prepared not have been him, but was really flattered. " You Wot, you will lead cum yer pants and why it is not already ` Thinking about myself is that? "Said Art, as are delighted that Martin had n him. Elweb Lolita I n "... fucking hell Sshhhh, yes, but do not tell the kind of fucking ! " Martin whistled frantically looking around to see if anyone had heard. " Keep yer pants on!" He laughed like an Elweb Lolita art in its own joke, said Martin squirming in the chair. N " Why'd you do that, you have something stuck yer bum" "Yes, I did for you!" Martin grinned. was certainly not intended to prohibit the registration, but not disguise the fact something was wrong, because the chair has added hardwood considerable pressure on the prostate. As was to last out for the whole lesson was sitting next to nature, I had no idea. Finally, all, could feel it in their pants do not all good, the character sequence appears stronger and pull wooden toys. Somehow you have to are included in your underwear when he sat down. "Why me? " Art was very impressed. Martin touched his leg reluctantly. N "WOT is ? " " If you must know," whispered Martin now red with shame, " left I prepare for the ass! " "Cor ! To me! "Art is spoken. " Yes " " And then there yerself shit or something?" He asked his way to typically naive way. "No. Oh shit can not hear you, I've done for you. " It's obviously still very embarrassing Martin finally smiled. Having determined that the use of Cummy underwear was very exciting, but I was sure it was a clean bum sacrosanct " Elweb Lolita Oh, sorry, does not work that way. So WOT? "Responding to art knows how to , and then smiled as only he could, he said. "So...... WOT is HHMM there... I can help? Put a finger up maybe? " " Fuck you ! " by Richard busy sorting his books was Nigel to see and do its best to listen to the idea that something has gone wrong. It s followed closely, asMartin, who appeared thoroughly ashamed n ervously looked around and whispered again very kind of calm in your ear. strict instructions to whisper the only answer he turned and looked kind of through the eyes of Martin. "One of WOT, you really Elweb Lolita have some wood yer ass stretched to WOT ready for me ? For me, for me, I was not sure if said it would not be serious. " \\ \\ n Martin looked at the table and nodded. His shame was complete, he could not view of nature in the face. N in mysterious circumstances at the end of the in the afternoon, it is very embarrassing, as it erotic. "You dirty little toad !" Type of response is again emphasized strength of Mount the bottom of the desktop. This time almost up of the ground and in the process of pre-ejaculate and expressed more in the very panties n Black spotting. Martin grabbed his leg and back tight. Touched by type of reaction and assuming that there is a very positive response may be Martin swallowed hard way, then turned to whisper in his ear. "Then there was scare or anything? " " No, why? You do that for me ? The things that put me in the ass too! " Art smiled again and put a hand at the Martin leg under the table, so what if Nigel had to lick bum ! Martin felt the touch of a button extinction. What it was art, a magnetic personality that n acne spots abundant with a positive response from Martin decided that under the guise of noise in the classroom to continue or even to mention the head, bowed again. You can think "I know this is not the time to say, but I have.. I have a lot n... and I must say yo.. guys and me... I do not " looked in the article "Oh shit! " n "You can fuck me anytime !" new Art smiled and pressed the leg for the third time : "But... you know, I have to share with you Nige " eyes closed, Martin did not answer, he was too busy to ejaculate is not ready. After the pA lick physical contact between them, with the perspective of art n the ass does not help stop the flow of Nigel in his pre-cum n underpants. Quite the contrary! Martin looked at as different scenarios in which the three ran wild in the barn of your brain s. It was certainly something about the little Martin, from the n him very, very sexually attractive. Was the fact that it looked almost like a toddler ? Was his gentle demeanor ? Was it because he had no brothers of his father? How alone he would have dressed in gray trousers with a matching vest and pants, then stolen. Could n convinced? ' Quiet! I said quietly, sitting now. " Woods was late, Mr.. Even after years of teaching punctuality not dissimilar to improve their speed and their own brand of discipline honed to perfection and both generally accepted as fair by students. that n a timetable for the quarter in the last hour of the day was not with the best storyof ideas in general, the boys had lost all residual concentration in the previous rupture. The games were in his opinion s, the only option for the last of the afternoon classes. " Quiet". holding an arm full of books that had worn on the desktop and turned to ask the class, study, when this afternoon could n done some work to do. " When D ' do until then? " Class quietly much more interested in status Martin, as the current edition of the English Civil War. Nibbles "break in a moment, in the mud of the French Room. " " Well WOT is how do you want ? " Asked the type of nail favorite understand their anal -digit object. " I can help ? " "There is a bit string that hangs between the legs to get ! " Martin said, hesitant. Knowing that now began to tell how he or she not be ot have to give all the details viscous "Like pulling a string of mud! " Suppressed a giggle Way whist Martin was again very embarrassing. " Weldon, Will you join us off today or not ? " art n sat up and looked at him in a track. " Sorry.. Sorry, Mr... I was... " " We know they were, always are. " The innocent remark brought a few whistles of laughter from those who knew the art better than most. " quiet class. "Woods looked back at the art. " And we know that is the end of the afternoon, try to use your stay with us, just this once. " " Yes, sir. I'll try, sir. could develop " with enthusiasm for the variety of disgusting practices if cable also something pushed the class began to feel frivolous little. Still smiling pleasantly while back to Woods, had success Martins went to press, which began immediately after twisting his seat. " Sykes is there something wrong with your seat? " " no. No, sir. "Martin stammered, feeling that all eyes were on it. This is especially Nigel. " Well, better to ask Sykes at this point, if you come to us today s with his friend Weldonor have other curricula ? " " Yes. so... with you, of course, sir. "Martin muttered desperately defense of ejaculation, and that little by little to the art, the hand to feel the lump zip and. " Well. As the evaluation of the workplace, most of you after the last lesson , you can forget about a CME. I'm sure you really please from their parents. "Did The chorus of Elweb Lolita groans and a few inaudible comments, but type time Martin forcibly push the style of the hand, although there was no has been eliminated, as it was then ! the idea of hanging on the string Martin, his ass was really think and excited species the end point, where had replaced almost out of class. not to ejaculate so far itself, was determined that the keys to successfully and Martin in the class would only increase the tension "So, back to Oliver Cromwell and the Civil War. " Search Woods class went to the blackboard and began to clean, then take a piece of chalkbegan to write. " Well, I want at a time.. something like that and then go to can.. " " But, sir. " "What is it? "he said with a resigned voice without turning around. "We have our books, sir. " Said Harry. "You can not write. " " Oh yeah, I forgot, and I fear I have. And certainly show that Can not write to you! " This is met with moans more like Mr. Woods returned to see the payment could attention. His eyes fell again on Martin, who saw his well- broken under the table, although, in fact, tested, and very friendly to escape the escalation of s proposals. " Sykes, I thought I would stay with us ? Now wake up! " thinking that Martin was generally very helpful, it was only then that n instead of sitting through the docile Richard, now that Martin noticed Sat other art. The mystery is explained. " Sykes. " He touched the pile of books. "You can do something useful to come here and collect this amount, so you can give them all back. " No Martin was sure he had heaFirst, dass had to move! " Sykes, you hear me ? " had heard of him and never remotely, even as an example of n in the class had previously quite surprised. of art had been moved, but in another world. A hand deep into his pocket at the head of his cock, rubbing the other hand in a raid in the direction of Martin wet pants under the table to start. very concerned to be identified and even try to raise his thoughts took Martin in his chair. " Sykes Oh, are you with us.. Well," said Turner, to get moving and assuming that rose. He returned to the address classes. "Now we have his books in his way back, I want all the n follow what I post here on the board. " kind of stubborn defense had tentatively on a full time job, which is , said Martin was still on his feet when he saw Woods over again. "Sykes awake! For the last time... or I have to mention the word D? " This time the voice of souNdede, as if he was serious. Shaken, no doubt and stirred fears of an immediate reaction to adhere Martin was to go his feet. This simple action was enough to put enough tension on the string that was stuck somewhere in his pants and pull it tight. With toys pulled hard against his prostate is only the additional took the movement away from the desk, moving by force with his tractor the sphincter at rest, warm and soft in his underwear. After building all day, having suffered the art has good intentions and attention now busy with his prostate Martin could not prevent the of ejaculation, but you could try to delay the collection of books. As a rule, but the art had a sixth sense, where sex is concerned, and almost precisely the time that Martin had his prostate felt that ignited a slide s hand between her legs. Highlight type was not necessary, Martin trembled, but managed to stand, looking enthralled with n on the in front of the class wHilst wagged his tail violently hot load and unload sticky in his pants. Nigel events just like a hawk and now, as had also art On the one hand, a strategic position in the pocket. Both he and the art found an incredible turn increasingly to act as voyeurs, especially to play with other children who see through their pockets. Part of the fetish obsessed with underwear that was also to guess what wearing underwear s, or what might be hidden in gray shorts to school. The emotions in the imagination and deduction, the mere sighting of a elastic waist circumference, or that it was necessary to send sexual orbit. Nigel took once there on your hard disk with the comment about the nature, of a naked boy was watching a thing, but to him with a look at some cum shorts stained, the excitation level raised in the vicinity sexual orgasm! so the two of them standing so close to Martin in the class and wa orgasm in his pantss a really erotic sight, the exciting because we both knew what was hidden in the Gray School pants. Nigel could see the top of the technique and the arm is moved quickly law presumes that the art was masturbating and unable to resist even began to vigorously rubbing his cock through his bag online. Had elevated type of his own emotion by the tail on the side of his escape written by what was now only by his hand through the separated thin, smooth line their pockets. Martin seems to be the place where art is rooted rose again through the use of n Slide and his hand between the legs of Martin goal, products and poke through his pants , her ass, in part, managed but not s well as planned. In the meeting with the wooden toy Martin called tried writing a backup drive, but only managed to wedge together n with and Martin underwear and pants firmly in your crack! " Sykes you? Not only because it is available, is the last warning " snWoods Apped Martin look again before returning to the chalk slate in his hand. "Guys, ignore Sykes ! Now your attention please the following, will be part of the task. " " Yes, sir. " It took Martin a little shake in the direction of the Ganges. Everything seemed to have beaten the time, but the truth is it was all over in less than in a minute. His tail moved with his pants full of semen, a piece of wood hit the crack, and under threat of arrest, he was saying an underestimation of the day was by no means the way that n schedule! He glanced to see the art, squirming in his chair with his bulging pants slid hard into the bottom of the table and certainly in the whirlwind of Cumming. only good thing was that kind of note, became the panel and Martin, published by the reaction of Mr. Woods as late was a robotic way forward. I think when n at least there was no danger that run as Walked, kept his legs together, for fear of dropping the toy before a pair of leg. Pulling his jacket over his immediate situation seemed to hide , or at least I thought. At the time he arrived at the reception had a murmur, as the n assumed that the other guys had noticed that something was wrong. Fear, view of the current state to find that his pants were, that s right to assume that shops would not only obscene, but it could have s also a wet spot. There was no other place - I guess that " Sykes, you're okay? " Said Mr. Woods, looked at him curiously, as reached the desk. Martin was not usually generally considered one of the his best students. It must be the influence Weldon. " Yes, sir. " Martin responded very well that not only he but look for blushed, but after taking a few steps felt definitely n a little wet sliding between her legs. There was a positive advantage as short, close to the EDGe of the table with his jacket buttoned only at the front of his hidden pants in sight! Collect the piles to ensure books still cover more put before them, and shuffling through them failed to resolve their own along with art, Richard and Nigel so that by space at least when he returned, still a costume! Continue on the books more difficult strategically the class before his death and pray that the toy does not fall suddenly in a trouser leg ! As expected, if the trip has progressed through the room is started some fun and laughs, if it were to cause n convinced that the guys probably thought he was trying to hide an erection. Everything seemed fine, and that was to distribute only a few books left Ian came to table, which is on one line adjacent to the wall. Ian experience, the kind of irresistible charms have was excited at first hand have guessedtype that should be included. Ian was determined that n switches places with Richard Martin, and this right to the conclusion Elweb Lolita that art had an ulterior motive, and hopes that Elweb Lolita Martin had probably cum in his pants. busy with Mr. Woods and scratches away at the table, looked up Ian as Martin stood beside his desk and looked through the remaining books. ", which made ​​the semen in yer pants then? " Ian whispered. Lean back to Shop N in the pants was unmistakable. Martin did not answer, just knowing that a prisoner had been him blush. Ian quickly check that no one could see and not be able Martin came to a gentle pressure on the hand and the books of a page n resist. The wet dark spot, n, appeared as the ominous ring of mass was in marked contrast to the light gray fabric of his pants. " Oh, shit ! " Martin said softly, as he looked down and saw that to the first time. "Looks like you're done! " Ian smiled. " Go and sit in front of youage Place Woody, I'd like to see in the final. " When the art right now had cum in his pants had Nigel Martin followed the progress through the room like a true voyeur. Stroked his own cock s under the table, of course, had the attention of Richard, the s now dresses quite boldly play with him through his bag, so , but nothing uncomfortable position of Martin. However, with Nigel called \\ \\ n view of Martin and seen panic reaction with Ian pants decided to shame him more than enough, even if it meant some complaints of your account. " Sir... I was wondering if... " " If what? " Mr. Woods, looked around and saw a hand in the air. With time Nigel Intervention Martin saw an opportunity to escape and covered with a red face about the safety of their own desk as fast as he could. " Oh, Blake, right? What? " " if... but.. it better be.. so, HHMM.. a round head, or Knight ? " Of those who knew the difference, that there was some juts of laughter, but for those who have not seen each other wondering what could be so much fun. " is an interesting idea. " Woods said with no intention stuck in the old question. "I think that as the study of this problem for the past few weeks, you really should Know the difference from now. " "... I ' spose Uumm.. "Nigel mind went blank, had to answer another hope expansion. However, had just enough time, Martin s back to his desk, where art is full of expectation and wonder what to do with his bag full of hot sauce. " Well, I posed the question," Woods said, "what you I would have liked ? " " I? " Nigel slowly straightened up and looked horrified. Meanwhile, Richard, who found that, at last, got rid of some of their inhibitions n sequence in the bathroom thanks to the is used to blatantly rub through your bag. However, excited about his newfind the freedom he had gone too far, too faster and easier to ejaculate in her underwear. Ejaculation as a double premiere in , both in class and in his underwear his immediate reaction was are pleased to announce its performance and Nigel took her hand under the table. " Yes Blake, who. Elweb Lolita A round head or minor ? You ask, what is , the fundamental difference ?" Mr. Woods smiled disarmingly, he had to do n the point that both could play at. play While looking at the board or Richard or Nigel interested n in history! Looking forward to Nigel Administration Richard took her hand n and put it on the front of his pants in soft hot mess was his underwear. In the best possible way, it seemed fair, Nigel payment in kind for what happened earlier in the toilet. ", a gentleman.. " said Nigel was weak and legs pressed firmly together in a vain attempt to stop premature knew the term, restart. " with the bigLMET, we all know that! "A voice shouted from the the other side of the classroom, which brought more laughter repressed. " That's enough. Jokes about. " Nigel Woods again. " Blake, can Let me answer in essay form with the next batch of tasks. " " Yes, sir. "Nigel was in such circumstances only happy to have n tan easily. Richard smiled and put his hand further into the sperm that filled his underwear. " class right now we are back into the crack to the Board. "Said Mr. Forest rotate return to class. " Follow this and after it, remember to go are part of the task and also the beginning of a small project. " writing with Mr. Woods, the depth on the board Martin turned and look Nigel, who was obviously very uncomfortable to catch the eyes blinked. ######## ###################################### n Chapter 71 to follow
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